"I'm using the Unity Metamask plugin. Instead of QR code login for WEBGL, I want to use the Chrome metamask extension login. How can I do that?"

“Hello, I’m using the MetaMask Unity SDK for Unity and it’s working great! However, I have the MetaMask plugin for WebGL and I want it to trigger when logging into WebGL. But it’s not triggering and there isn’t enough information in the SDK documentation. I couldn’t find anything in the source code, so I would really appreciate it if you could help me with this.”


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As stated in documentation v2 this should work for WebGL:

Perhaps there is some kind of error logs in the console?


There is no problem in running webgl. What I want is to log in to my wallet with the web browser MetaMask plugin without having a qr scan.

This can happen only if the webgl web app is running on a mobile web browser where the MM mobile app is running. And this is automatically detected by the MM Unity SDK.

If instead is running on desktop, then you have to scan the QRCode with MM mobile app and connect this way.

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this is all i want to do ;


Right now, I’m only using the Unity MetaMask SDK. How can I achieve the same function as mentioned above? I don’t want to scan QR codes for WebGL

So you don’t want to connect to the MM mobile wallet, but to the MM Extension. To do so, you don’t need the SDK then :slight_smile:


I understand, so that’s not possible with MetaMask unity sdk then?

it’s possible but not using the Unity SDK for now. We’ll probably add the option in the future.


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I am also interested on detecting the MM extension from the Unity SDK. Right now I am trying to provide both functionalities on WebGl but this requires to duplicate the code. If possible I would like to use the QR only if the plugin is not installed on the browser and if it is detected used for the first connection but then forward the connection to be used by the Unity SDK. Something like passing the session token from the plugin to the SDK

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