Import DApp Wallet on Metamask


I’ve accidentally send some SOL from Binance to Wallet using a wrong Network (BEP20 Binance to CRONOS on

For what I read on internet, if I import both Wallet on a Wallet that can manage both network, I can send back the transition.

So I try to add first to MetaMask (where I’ve already create a new Wallet from scratch; 0 funds), but when I insert the private key, it says “Expected private key to be an Uint8Array with length 32”

Where am I wrong? Can’t import the Wallet?
Note: I mean App, not the DeFi one.

Thanks for any tips.

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Hello @markzzz, welcome to MetaMask community!

You can’t import custodial wallets into MetaMask. The app is actually the exchange app, that has the custodial wallets, meaning you don’t have unrestricted access to them. You are most likely not inserting the actual private key of the respective account you are trying to import and that’s why you are getting that error.
Here is how Secret Recovery Phrase and private key concepts work.

And this is how you add Cronos network to MetaMask wallet.


In addition to the really good info above you could also try reaching out to support for to see if they’d be willing to help (go through their correct/official website and make sure it’s legit - remember there are lots of scams out there).


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