Import tokens by name

It would be excellent if the web app, Chrome extension, and mobile apps also allowed tokens to be imported by name. I imagine an user experience similar to searching for tokens by name on blockchain explorers.

Here are the key behaviors I’m thinking this feature should have:

  • Typing the name of the token should display a list of suggested token matches.
  • Each row in the list should display two pieces of data: the token name and the contract address (or at least enough to distinguish the tokens from each other).
  • Selecting a token from the list should populate the contract address, symbol, and decimal fields of the token import form.

But there are many tokens with the same name.

That’s already a feature, though? We just dont include every token available in the search.

The main difficulty is the numbers. As of yesterday (3/24), there were ~508,074 tokens listed on just the Ethereum blockchain. There’s no possible way we can validate the authenticity and reliability of each one.

If we suggested a token in the app, that had problems with their smart contract, that could harm our users. Then there are malicious tokens/scams to consider. Tokens have been used as an attack vector.

We are always trying to balance security and convenience, and on this particular issue have opted for security.

There are a few ways you can import without having to copy/paste the contract address: