How to make a new token to be indexed by metamask?

Our company generated a new token, and uniswap indexed it.

However, we can’t find it on Metamask when we click “Import Tokens” on main screen of Metamask, and then “Search” the name of our token name, there is no result.

Custom Token import is OK, however, what we want is to make the search available for our token.

Anyone knows how a new token will be searched in Metamask - “Import Tokens” - “Search”?

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You can pass “Import Tokens”
First you need to know the contract address


Maybe I don’t explain well enough.

We developed a new token, and it was indexed by Uniswap.

Our users want to buy our token, and they can’t find our token through Metamask - “Import Tokens” - “Search”.

We are wondering the requirements of being able to be searched in Metamask.

Seems we need to submit our token to coinmarketcap, so that metamask can get information from it, and so our token can be find in “Search” for users.

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