Incorrect Gas Token (MTR) Price on Meter Network (Chain ID: 82)


(As on 30 March 2023) The price of MTR for Chain ID 82 is displayed as 0.472 USD (2.56 USD for 5.42 MTR) whereas the actual price of MTR is currently 0.8613 USD per MTR.

I am part of the Meter Foundation which built the Meter Network and we get repeated queries from our community on why MetaMask does not show the correct price for our gas token MTR .

We are aware that it does not impact the users ability to interact with the token. However, we would like to ensure that MetaMask displays correct price of MTR when our community uses the wallet for their on-chain interactions.

Previous Tickets:

I had previously raised 2 tickets ( MetaMask Ticket #998425 and MetaMask Ticket #1009332) which did not provide any resolution.

Response in Previous Tickets:

  1. Regardless of the token’s fiat pricing or lack thereof, you still own these tokens and they are yours to do with what you wish.
  2. We will check the API. The API we use is 3rd party API that we use get our information. Which is directly from CoinGecko & CoinMarket Cap.
  3. Our API is working correctly as reported. We suggest reaching out to coingecko & coinmarket.

The ticket 998425 was closed immediately before we could respond.

Additional Support Required:

  1. We checked the CoinGecko and CoinMarketcap API data for MTR. Both of them provide the correct price.



  1. The price of MTR reported currently (0.47 USD) was the same price which was reported when first ticket was created on 15 Feb 2023.

We would like understand if it is really an API issue like MetaMask said or is a constant value (0.47 USD) being reported somehow.


Hey @sg_meter, sorry to hear the ticket closed before you could respond. I have informed the team and let them know to open ticket #1009332 so you can continue communication with them.


Thank you. Looking forward to a resolution.


Is there any specific time when I should expect a communication? I have not received any communication on the ticket yet.

Hey, really sorry about the delay. I let the team know again, the weekend may have delayed things a bit but someone will be with you as soon as they can!


How can we make some progress on this front? I am yet to receive any communication from the MetaMask support team.

Really sorry to hear this, I thought someone had responded to you by now.

Would you be able to create another ticket at


Created another follow up ticket [MetaMask Ticket #1033102].

Hoping for some traction.

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