Gas Last Price section

In my opinion, if a section to display the last gas price during the transaction, it will make the transaction adjustment much easier
what is your opinion?

Hey @robocups, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Can you clarify what you mean? The gas prices shown before confirming a transaction on MetaMask shows the current suggested gas prices at market rate on default.


hi dear , It is an honor to meet Metamsk and its strong team :slight_smile:

Such a thing is intended similar cointool gas price monitor , At the moment I need to check this site to make sure the exact amount of transaction gas is determined.

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Hi @robocups.

As nakedwinnie suggested, at the moment, when starting a transaction, you can see gas fees in real time for your respective transaction and adjust them, or wait for it to go lower before moving forward with your transaction.

I understand what you mean by getting gas price monitor into MetaMask, but it’s been made in this way, as i explained above, to be more practical for the user in real time transaction mode.

Hope my explanation helps.

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Yes, I understand that
Thank you for your prompt response :blush: