Exact number better than "Insufficient funds to pay for gas"

When i tried to send small amount USDT via ERC20 it says i have not enough balance for gas. How does it knows? What coins does it expect? If it calculate minimum amount of ETH for gas and commission than why not to show this digit for user?
I use plugin in Brave Browser. thank you

Hello @tonypony , welcome to metamask :fox_face: community,

Can you drop screen shots or addresses where we can look into this matter more details


this forum not allowed me to post nor links nor images, so here link base64 encoded -


Hi @tonypony !

On the ethereum network you’re charged gas fees to send. These fees go to the miners on the network; the fees fluctuate (sometimes heavily) throughout the day. One day gas can be drastically lower or higher than the next day. If there is a lot happening on the network, gas tends to be much higher.

You can sometimes see an estimate of what it is at the time of day you’re on by going here -

etherscan(dot)io/gastracker - towards the bottom of that page you’ll see estimates for what a transaction on various popular sites (like Opensea, Uniswap, or USDT transfer) would be at that time.

Here are some articles from Knowledge Base re: gas that you can check out -

Let us know if you have other questions :slight_smile:

it’s nice info, thank you, but the point is to show digit which internally calculated to user, so that user know exactly how much should he has ETH for gas.

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I get what you’re saying. So, use the etherscan(dot)io link I shared - just copy and paste this - remove the (dot) and replace with an actual . - I can’t share the actual link because the forum won’t let us.

At the mid-lower section of that page it will share what USDT transfer is running currently. Like right now it’s showing me a little under $6 USD.

It’s a good suggestion for the estimate to pop up but I think it might be really challenging to do because gas fees fluctuate so quickly. It can change from second to second. Still, something I’ll share!

Oh it was a bug in browser version. With my iphone app it somehow passed this broken validator, and i had enough ETH for gas all the time.
And thank all for your help, but pay more attention what subject of question is please. I mean, i know how to find current gas. problem is in UI, which hides what it calculates. And now problem is in extension for brave browser as i see.
screen ibb(dot)co/kXn0XXG

In general, we need to retain eth of 3 times gas as the balance. If it is lower than this number, it is likely to indicate that gas is insufficient

Thanks @tonypony - I’m always trying to improve. It’s hard to know what people do/don’t know on the forum so I just throw out there all the info.

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To explain some of the technical backend: Metamask relies on a pair of services (called Codefi and Infura) to get network data (like transaction fee estimates)

We have a ton of new features coming down the pipeline over the coming months. I’m not certain what decisions were made on how transaction fee data will be displayed in the future, but I know this was one of the topics that was brought up by a few teams. (we’re all MM users too)

So, we’re aware it could be improved and we’re working on making this information more available and useful to users.