New here how do i buy gas

I’m trying to send USDT to my Coinpoker account i have some USDT in my wallet but i now need to buy gas so i can send them, how would i do this Thanks

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Hey @atonap, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Depending on the network you are on, you will need the native token to pay for the gas fees. For example, ETH on Ethereum mainnet is used to pay for the gas fees. You can transfer the tokens necessary for gas fees into your MetaMask wallet to be able to send your USDT.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:


Good news, gas is low right now too (if you’re using ETH network). Good time to start :rofl:

Just to throw it out there, if you are using Ethereum gas prices can heavily fluctuate.

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Hi thanks for the reply, how much gas would i need to buy to send my balance i started with £100 UKP now got 54.50USDT just hope i’ve got enough thanks

It all depends on what network you are doing the transaction on. Is your USDT on Ethereum? If so, you can check the current state of gas prices on Ethereum here:

For any other networks like Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, or Avalanche, the gas prices are much lower.


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