Can't transfer USDT out of metamask

I’m using MetaMask for Android. It shows my current USDT balance.

I click the send button, and the prompt does not show my USDT balance, but only my ETH balance (which is currently zero). If I try to change the From: field, it only shows ETH as an option.

What do I need to do to send USDT out?

hi @oawenbfoaw , welcome to MetaMask community.

Fill in the recipient’s address, click Next, and you will see the USDT balance


Ok. Thanks for helping. Now I get the following error. I tried lowering the amount of USDT I’m sending but the error persists. What do I need to do?

Hello @oawenbfoaw,

You need ETH on the Ethereum network to pay the gas fee. Do you have ETH?
Generally, you need the native token of the chain to pay the gas fee for any transactions on that network.


So I need to buy ETH to use it to send USDT?

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Yes, for any transactions on the Ethereum network you need ETH to pay the gas fee. Seems like the chain on which you have your USDT is Ethereum. Hence, make sure to transfer the ETH on the Ethereum network to your account.


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