I can't swap or send

I can’t swap or send

I recently received a balance of 63$ in usdt erc20 inside the wallet, now I am trying to withdraw it, but:

When I click send, it tells me that I don’t have enough USDT for the fees, even if I put only 1$ it keeps telling me the same thing.

Then I tried to swap, in case it was the type of currency, but when I try to change it to ETH or Binance, whenever I get a transaction, it tells me above that I must have more USDT to be able to accept.

I don’t understand, I urgently need that money but I can’t figure out what to do to withdraw it.

Thank you very much in advance.

Hello @Raziel2023, welcome to the MetaMask community,

On which network do you have your USDT? If it is on the Ethereum network, then you need to have ETH to cover the gas fee. If it is on the Smart Chain (BNB network), then you need BNB to pay for the gas fee. You can not swap your USDT to get the native token, unless you have enough of that to pay for the gas fee.
Therefore, first of all, you need to send the native token (ETH, BNB etc. depending on the chain) to your wallet to pay the gas fee.


It is on the Ethereum network. So I need balance in ETH to be able to exchange or send? And I can’t use the same balance in USDT to cover the gas fee?

I really need that money, but I don’t have that balance in ETH to send.

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Yes, you need ETH on the Ethereum chain.

No, if you do not have enough ETH to cover the gas fee in your wallet.

First, you need to send ETH to your address on the Ethereum network.


You currently need about cca 5$ in ETH :slightly_smiling_face: you can see it here:

Recent USDT transactions :point_down:



Okay I got 8$ on eth, but even though the shipping part tells me that the total would be 7.30$ it won’t let me move forward.

The gas price these days is relatively high. Please try again when the Ethereum gas is around 20 Gwei. You can check it from the gastracker on Etherscan (the link has been shared above).
Usually, it is better during the weekend. I suggest you to check at different hours during the Saturday and Sunday.


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