Transaction error: cannot estimate gas

Try to make bridge USDT from Ethereum to Starknet with MetaMask using Starkgate, also have this error when try bridge with Orbiter finance. Its happened when try approve tokens to spend. All another transactions in another sites was good.

Transaction error
cannot estimate gas; transaction may fail or may require manual gas limit [ See: ] (reason="execution reverted", method="estimateGas", transaction={"from":"0x1332f3755F48A9C7f618681ae3BDBE618Ddf65D9","to":"0xdAC17F958D2ee523a2206206994597C13D831ec7","data":"0x095ea7b3000000000000000000000000bb3400f107804dfb482565ff1ec8d8ae6674760503ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff","accessList":null}, error={"code":-32000,"message":"execution reverted"}, code=UNPREDICTABLE_GAS_LIMIT, version=providers/5.7.2)

Hello @Cryptosabe , welcome to MetaMask community.

If you’re experiencing this issue;

Make sure your balance covers both the transaction and the gas fee, this might also be caused due to high network interaction/congestion, you can try again after the network calms.

You can also contact Orbiter Finance for more support since your interact with their site.


Hello, first I want to assure you that I try it 3 days and gas fee was different for transactions in this time also I have balance for this transaction. I want to clarify that error coming when I try bridge in stage approving USDT for this transaction.
Also what I say this error coming when I try bridge only from Ethereum to Starknet my balance and in 2 different bridges: StarkGate and Orbiter. Support team of Starknet say me that this error not in their side and recommend me ask MetaMask support.
I know than MetaMask old version had auto gas manager in setting but now I dont find this

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Hi @Cryptosabe !

Try reducing the amount of token you were trying to approve a little bit lesser than your maximum balance, increase your gas fee to around ×2 of the normal gas fee, guide on how to customize your gas fee:

Make sure your MetaMask and your browser is updated to the latest version.

You should also try importing your MetaMask wallet into a different browser and retry it.

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When try to bridge 1 USDT its working, but when try to bridge more have error. Any ideas why?
MetaMask have setting for gas in transactions or only for specific one?

Hi @Cryptosabe,

How many USDT have you approved? You can check it on the Etherscan. Is it more than the amount you would like to transfer?

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If you tried StarkGate or Orbiter they dont have separate approve function like in Uniswap where you first approved tokens and then make swap. Here its automatically. And I dont know how many I approved, I just sent 1 USDT but cant do it with large amount.
After this approve like in screen you not need do anything

Please visit revoke tool website to check how many token approval allowances has been set.

You may revoke the permissions if set below than the current amount you are trying to Bridge and after revoking try again to bridge to starknet using starkgate. Below is the link for revoke tools.


Yes! Its what I need. Its working thank you!

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