Swap error message

Hi team
I swap some bnb to tbd and it swap successfully but now that I tried to swap it bact to bnb it’s showing this error message
“Unexpected error: can’t estimate gas fee for approve “

Please help me with this

hi @Olamilekansi , welcome to MetaMask community :fox_face:
try the following:

  • Get rid of all decimal numbers after the whole number.
  • Increase slippage tolerance, such as 5%, 10%.

I’ve already done that it’s still not working

Hi @Olamilekansi,

Sometimes, this kind of error is related to the RPC you are using. Changing the RPC may resolve the issue. Using the following link add an appropriate RPC to your MetaMask (click on the small arrow at the bottom of the BNB network box to see the list and add one to your wallet)

https:// chainlist. org/
please remove the 2 spaces I inserted in the link.

For more information, please refer to the following link:

Let us know in case you need further assistance.


I should add that if Tuya’s suggestion and what I suggested above did not work, the token “may” be a scam. Check the token on the explorer to see if it is legit or not.


hey, you can also try this:
Set transaction speed to instant in settings.

If it still doesn’t work, cut the trade size in half and only trade 50% each time.


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