Gas price not revealed in a Website

I tried to transfer very less amount of Ethereum but it does not say the amount of gas price needed. It just shows error message. Please help me. the Website is called Faucet pay. I contacted their support and they asked me to contact Metamask because it is not their problem.

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What error does your Metamask wallet shows ?


i am giving very less amount of eth
this is what it shows:
err: insufficient funds for gas * price + value: address 0xE6Fc7F4AEe4e213da4203d2D5e18210443c086Eb have 0 want 2000000000000 (supplied gas 15010457)

Is this you wallet on Metamask that you are trying to transfer some ETH to Faucet Pay ?

If it is your address, then you don’t have any money in it.

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Yes but i am not transferring from here i am withdrawing from faucet pay to Metamask

Since the first time i tried to transfer eth from faucetpay to Metamask whcih is like last week

Could it be that the amount of ETH is too small to transfer ? I sometime transfer from Binace to my Metamask and there is a minimum amount I must transfer.

What is the amount of ETH you try to transfer ?


It is really less in cents but i asked a Metamask support guy and he said it should be no problem

I’m not sure who decides the minimum amount you can transfer, but I guess it is the sender (Faucet pay) that set the minimum amount. Try to ask Faucet pay if there is an minimum amount of ETH you must sent. I’m pretty sure that there is.

the minimum amount is 1 cent of eth which i tried

You are trying to transfer 1 cent of ETH and you get an error and no gas fee is showing ?

Maybe it can’t calculate the amount of gas fee that is needed to transfer 1 cent. When I do a “test” transfer, I use to sent about 10 USD to see if it works, never just tried 1 cent. My guess is that you should try to transfer some more ETH, if you want to.

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Ok thank you for your support

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