Increase Metamask security by importing accounts?

Hi. I am making a MetaMask tutorial for my youtube channel and I have a technical question about security.
If I create 1 wallet with several accounts and export them to a new wallet by uninstalling the first one. I increase the security since the seed key of the first one is no longer available on the computer, right?
It would be a way to increase security against hacking since even if the seed key was stolen, it would not give access to my accounts since they are imported. Do you think it would be worth doing it this way or would it have the same risk as installing it normally?

Hi friend! @CriptoTnn Welcome to the MetaMask community forums!
I’ll try and answer your questions, but could you please tell me how you plan on exporting your private keys to the new wallet in your scenario? Do you mean to generate a new seed phrase on the new wallet and then import the private keys of the unique addresses/accounts of the old wallet? OR are you simply going to import your “old” seed phrase from the previous wallet to the new one?

Once you answer this I will be able to give you a more accurate answer. I will be awaiting your reply - thank you.

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If you export the private keys of the accounts/addresses to a new wallet (with a new seed phrase) then they will still be connected to the initial seed phrase - so if someone else knows your old seed phrase then they would also have access to all the private keys. Exporting the private keys to another wallet does not “connect” them to the new seed phrase.
The above is my personal understanding.

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I would not use the seed phrase from the first wallet. I would import the accounts from the first wallet into the second using the private keys. The intention is to keep the seed phrase of the first wallet out of the computer so that it cannot be accessed in any way.

I already have it done like this using a Ledger. The query was to find out if this would increase the security of my accounts that I use on a daily basis to operate on DeFi platforms.

A DeFi protocol can not obtain your seed phrase afaik. It will only be able to exploit the unique address which is connected and interacts with the protocol. So I personally do not see any benefits in terms of security from exporting your addresses to a new wallet assuming I’m not missing any important details. Those are my personal thoughts.

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Maybe I don’t explain well. It is not to protect me against the protocols, it is to prevent a possible hacking of the account or the computer. Just to prevent the seed phrase from being in the computer.

Before I go any further let me just mention that MetaMask stores your private keys on your browser’s data and encrypts them with your MetaMask password.

If you export your private keys to another wallet which is connected to another seed phrase, then yes your private keys of the previous wallet would not be affected if the recovery seed phrase of the new wallet should fall into the hands of another person. You would still need to keep the seed phrase of the first wallet safe.

The above is my personal understanding.

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