Safety questions


I use Metamask and have stored my seed phrase carefully.

I have multiple accounts but do not know the private key for them…

For my own backup safety, is it safe enough to only have your wallet seed phrase? Or do I also need my private keys for each address.

Thank you

Hi, Ron test your Metamask seed on another browser + Metamask :slightly_smiling_face: and you will see :smiley:

Account Private Key you find easy :slightly_smiling_face: :point_down: and hide your private keys :exclamation:

Hi Luigi,

I have tried restoring before and I do see all the accounts are imported. I just wanted confirmation from others that just having the seed phrase for backup is enough.


YES 100% correct seed :slightly_smiling_face: show your ETH address

you want me to show my address?

no no :smiley: I mean 100% SEED without mistakes = 100% show your ETH