Restore deleted Metamask Account

I deleted a Metamask account and would like to restore it if possible. The seed phrase is available but I don’t believe I can get to the private key. Can somebody tell me how to do this? Thank you!

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You do not need your private keys to restore your MetaMask wallet. You can simply enter your seed phrase and view all of the addresses/accounts associated with your wallet.

You can find steps to restore from your seed phrase here.

Remember: NEVER give your seed phrase to anyone for any reason. We, MetaMask Support, will never ask for it.


Thanks for getting back to me I was able to restore my Metamask account by entering the seed phrase.

Is there any way to confirm that this account is a genuine Metamask account and not one that was set up from a phished link?


Don’t click link that someone sent you and make sure you go directly to metamask site. Double check you are on the correct site! Phising sites don’t use SSL so might start there, no lock usually means its not the real site.

It’s hard to say. How did you go about creating your MetaMask wallet?

Check out our blog post about “rotten seed phrases.” If this is the process you went through, then it is a compromised account.

The safest action to take would be to create a completely new MetaMask wallet, send any remaining tokens to your new wallet, and abandon your potentially compromised wallet completely.

Hi, have you successfully retrieved your account? I’m having the same problem. Thanks!