Seed Phrase and Private key


I have my Seed Phrase written down safely. I have no issues with my wallet. Just that Paranoia of WHAT IF I WROTE MY SEED PHRASE DOWN INCORRECTLY ???

Is there a a way I can check my written down seed Phrase to settle my mind ??

I have never exported my Private key.
From reading on metamask FAQs …it does not seem that having my Private key written down (or copied) would help me even if my seed phrase was written down incorrectly. Am I mistaken with this interpretation ??
From my reading it looks like I could only retrieve my wallet if I have the seed phrase.

Can you advise on this please ??

I do apologise for taking up your time with a question that is probably very obvious… I first tried to research this worry of mine before capitulating and coming to you directly for help.

Hello Philip :slightly_smiling_face: try your MetaMask :fox_face: seed on a different browser.
But first for your peace :smiley: you export an ETH account private key :point_down:

Peaceful sleep :sleeping:

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