Increase number of accounts in dropdown menue

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When changing accounts by clicking the favicon, the dropdown window is too small and would be much more effective if the window had much greater height to allow users to see more then 1 or 2 accounts in the currently tiny window

I connect about 25 accounts to my MetaMask so having a drop down menu where about max 2 accounts can be viewed at a time is a time waster especially since I switch between accounts many times per day

extension (cant speak for moblie. as I dont use it)

Images/Attacments: see attached screeshot
Please make dropdown hieght for account greater so that we can see more of them while scrolling through mutiple ones.

haha, this is indeed a small UX issue, I believe it has room for optimization.
actually, last night I tried to redesign the interface according to my understanding.
still trying :laughing:


Yes, please, this is my biggest issue with having 10+ accounts in MetaMask

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