Injected web3 provider

I got troubles with ALL sites that previously (1 day before) connected
Message: Injected web3 provider
ALL SITES not working which with I worked previously (DEX, gaming etc.)
Chrome browser 102.0.5005.63
Metamask version 10.14.6

Its still worked with: different Chrome profile at same browser and in Brave browser
But its not solution to use another browser
Its hard to import all conections to different browsers/profiles because a lot of data synced - so I need to try solve

before posting I’ve done:

  • readed guides (nothing mutual)
  • restarting PC / browser
  • reinstall Metamask webapp (for chrome)

Its just stop working with all sites in 1 second.


Hi @DmitrySzk ,

Welcome to the MetaMask community. Would you please follow these steps to report to help desk?


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