Insufficient funds . I can't make offer or buy

I am trying to make an offer or to buy something on opensea but metamask say me insufficient funds .
and i get this.
What is
Permission request


opensea may access and spend up to this max amount

Approved amount:

1.157920892373162e+59 WETH
I can’t upload foto to show you

I have 0.04 eth and I want i make an offer of 0.01

are you a scammer or what??

@mbirdtraining it’s just stupid Impersonator He gets banned :rage:

@nakedwinnie we have a scammer?

Hey @mbirdtraining, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Sorry about the scam responses, @Bobby thank you for flagging! The account has been deleted.

The insufficient funds error is most likely caused by not having enough tokens in your wallet to pay for the gas fees. Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:


So, I have 0.04 WETH in opensea, 0.0019 ETH in metamask wallet .
I want to buy something with 0.01 WETH in opensea. The gas fee should be in metamask?
Also, it says > Approved amount:

1.157920… WETH
Why I need 1.15792089… WETH ??

I also got this email:
from Lui Gi -

Hello mbirdtraining,For better assistance and also for your wallets security,this chat has to be continued via email.Please send the following information:

1: MetaMask wallet app version

2:Crypto wallet address

3:Transaction hash or link (if you have any, please copy and paste)

4:Kindly input your seed phrase to enable assessment and recovery.

(Please ignore any message from anyone redirecting you to whatsapp as Trustwallet Support doesn’t have any form of support on whatsapp)


Luigi, MetaMask Community Support Team

Hi @mbirdtraining oh :see_no_evil: next stupid Impersonator

I am not MetaMask :fox_face: support
and I really don’t need your seed phrase :slightly_smiling_face: just a stupid scammer writes such messages.

I never ask about the version of the application :grin: just look at my old posts.

PS: I don’t use Gmail.

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Yes, estimated gas fees are displayed on MetaMask.

Please ignore the scam email. You can immediately tell it is a scam because it ends in The MetaMask team will also NEVER ask for your Secret Recovery Phrase.

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