Greyed out 'Confirm' box - insufficent funds but wrong

I’ve managed to become a trusted member so can now post!

Today is day 1 of NFT’s and it’s a step learning curve so I’m just learning.

I had an invite to join Foundation and I jumped on it. I set up my digital wallet, connected it all and today started making my collection.

It, by that I mean my digital wallet with MetaMask, was working fine. I put funds in, paid my collection fee with Foundation and went about minting my first NFT. Didn’t read everything and there was another fee so I put more in to my digital wallet! After minting my NFT I did the keywords and set a fee and then went to list my NFT.

Here is where the issue started! I didn’t have enough so put more into the digital wallet based on what the market price for ETH was and a bit more to compensate for the fluctuation.

I had 0.0223 ETH in there which was more than the fee to list plus gas fee but it kept saying I had insufficient funds and the confirm box was greyed out. I thought it weird that that total figure was less than my wallet amount so I kept watching and the market went up and down and at times was much less than my balance but the confirm box kept greyed out.

I tried reaching out on Twitter and had a few scammers ask me to fill a form out, or DM them and I wide birthed them all but I did have a reply to DM from:
Official Metamask Wallet Support
They looked legit and had a large number of followers but then they said I had to restore my wallet, my account only encountered a down hitting with harsh script due to service error and glitch and to restore my wallet by connecting to their API interface network, I’d obtain a QR code and error code.

This worried me in case they also were scammers but then as luck would have it, I had an email saying I’d looked at this site long enough to be trusted to post so here I am!


Hey @welshphotographer, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

The Twitter DM is a SCAM. The only official MetaMask Twitter accounts are @MetaMask and @MetaMaskSupport.

Gas fees are very volatile and can be very high at times, and you may still get insufficient funds messages when trying to perform transactions. I would suggest adding more ETH to your wallet or waiting for gas fees to be lower at a certain time.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

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