Invalid Secret Recovery phrase and the password


I’ve got my MetaMask Wallet suddenly logged out today with no reason. I didnt reset either my browser nor my computer. All the work went well till that suddenly happen.

Ok. I GOT WRITTEN DOWN my Secret Recovery phrase (With no typos and in the correct order I’m totally sure!) and the password on the paper. BUT:

  1. When I entered the password it said that it’s not correct
  2. When I entered Secret Recovery phrase (in the right way! Tried million times) it said that it is invalid
  3. I tired to recover Secret Recovery phrase with the Vault Decryptor but it said “Problem decryptor vault”

I used three Metamask wallets at the same time in that moment via different Google-accounts in the same browser. Two of them got suddenly logged out. One of them I couldnt recover. Сould this create a problem?

I tried other browsers and wallets and devices to recover my account, it is all the same - Invalid Secret Recovery phrase

I still have access to these PC, browser and Metamask Wallet Chrome extension. Can you please help me?

Thank you!


Hey @INazaRI, please make sure you are inputting your Secret Recovery Phrase correctly.

Please refer to this article on our Knowledge Base for more information:


I cheked my Secret Phrase millions of times. And inputtind it millions of times too. Article doesnt have options to help me in it


Is there any possibilty to block the wallet by any reason?


Problem solved. There were a typo in 1 word of the phrase. Thanks to the article: :point_down:


I’m having the same problem you are, I’m worried right now. I’ve checked doubled checked and triple checked my words. They all check out on the list. Still getting invalid. Any advice?

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Hey @Rsmette, it may also be that you have inputted another Secret Recovery Phrase different from the wallet you are trying to access. Please also make sure you are typing in the words in the right order, a common mistake is that people type the words in a column when they should be in a row.

You can also try using the Vault Decryptor:

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I was trying to reset my metamask wallet password. after keying in the 12 words of my secret recovery phrase, it showed me as invalid. So i tried to find out if my words are correct.

One of the words were, Example: “pink” , so i tried to play with the word and changed it to “link” and the phrase were successful! i closed the tab and reopened it again almost immediately and keyed in the same phrase using “link” but it showed invalid again. so i kept switching between “link” and “pink” over and over until suddenly “pink” worked.

Can anyone tell me what is happening here?

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