Invalid Secret Recovery phrase and the password


I’ve got my MetaMask Wallet suddenly logged out today with no reason. I didnt reset either my browser nor my computer. All the work went well till that suddenly happen.

Ok. I GOT WRITTEN DOWN my Secret Recovery phrase (With no typos and in the correct order I’m totally sure!) and the password on the paper. BUT:

  1. When I entered the password it said that it’s not correct
  2. When I entered Secret Recovery phrase (in the right way! Tried million times) it said that it is invalid
  3. I tired to recover Secret Recovery phrase with the Vault Decryptor but it said “Problem decryptor vault”

I used three Metamask wallets at the same time in that moment via different Google-accounts in the same browser. Two of them got suddenly logged out. One of them I couldnt recover. Сould this create a problem?

I tried other browsers and wallets and devices to recover my account, it is all the same - Invalid Secret Recovery phrase

I still have access to these PC, browser and Metamask Wallet Chrome extension. Can you please help me?

Thank you!


Hey @INazaRI, please make sure you are inputting your Secret Recovery Phrase correctly.

Please refer to this article on our Knowledge Base for more information:

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I cheked my Secret Phrase millions of times. And inputtind it millions of times too. Article doesnt have options to help me in it

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Is there any possibilty to block the wallet by any reason?

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Problem solved. There were a typo in 1 word of the phrase. Thanks to the article: :point_down: