Ip detection/hardware detection

Better security

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So basically meta mask will detect if a new wallet has been created and that ip will only able to log in that wallet, ips other than that will have to go to a verification proccess to prove that you are the real owner, in order to sign in with another ip, the owner of the wallet(the og user) will have to sign something in order to let them log in, meta mask can also Store the ip in a encrypted place and a very secured place

OR meta mask will detect your system and only that device can log in that wallet and that device only can log in, same thing for the other one

This can greatly help people from getting hacked or losing all of their funds

For better security, it is better to use trezor with MM.
If I am a hacker and get your private key, even if MM can restrict the ip, I can directly restore it in other brandsโ€™ wallets and withdraw your coins.
Are you planning to let MM give up the common 2048 words and create itโ€™s own mnemonic system?