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It is said that the ip is caught when creating a MetaMask wallet, but if you create a wallet with code targeting an airdrop, you can enter the project or dapp through infura, where the ip is an rpc, and if I do any activity, you can find out where I created the wallet. Is that correct? Is it possible to track in the project which IP I created the wallet from?

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Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:


I’ve read about that. What I’m curious about is if I make a wallet with Python code at home, can the project know that it’s all made in the same soon? Even if I connect from a computer to a different IP,

This would all depend on the RPC Provider you use.

I hope you can ask your superiors or technical staff about this and give you a proper answer.
What I’m curious about is when I create multiple wallets with my Python code on my computer at my house and then log in using a seed phrase or private key on another computer or another IP without doing anything, I’m asking if you can tell the difference

This all depends on the RPC provider you use with the wallets you have created, but with Infura your IP will not be tracked if you are just logging in. It only does so with “write” requests, as mentioned in the article shared above.

I ask because it’s very important to me. In the above article, “Write” means only when I do a transaction or do something with MetaMask to transfer the amount? When I create a wallet with Python code, is the IP not tracked?

Yes, “write” requests are for transactions. If you are using the default Infura RPC provider then creating a wallet is not associated with tracking IP, but I can’t speak for other RPC providers and what they do.

Then, I ask you one last question. Can I understand that the MetaMask wallet does not know that I operate many wallets?

Whatever other wallets you have is not known by MetaMask

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