Does Metamask log IP Address locations? New Wallet?

  1. I currently log into my wallet thru the mobile app, and thru 2 chrome extension web apps on 2 different computers. Does Metamask track logins or IP’s, so I can see if I’ve been logged in anywhere else besides those 3 locations?

  2. If I create a new wallet, would I be able to transfer funds that are under contract in liquidity pools from my current wallet to my new wallet, without withdrawing the funds from the pool? Or would they have to be withdrawn, and then transferred from the old wallet to the new wallet?


Hey @iamthefunky1, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

  1. MetaMask does not track your full IP address. Keep in mind that MetaMask is a non-custodial wallet, meaning you don’t “log in” as you would with a typical cloud-based app, and your account(s) can only be accessed with your Secret Recovery Phrase. Unless you have shared your Secret Recovery Phrase, nobody should be able to access your wallet except for you.

Here is some more information on your Knowledge Base that may also help you:

  1. Since the funds you have provided liquidity for in a liquidity pool were transferred to a smart contract, you will not be able to transfer them directly from the liquidity pool. You would have to withdraw the funds from the liquidity pool to transfer them to another address.