Is There Any Metamask api Endpoint to use without official SDK?

Hi to all,
Currently I’m trying to implement a sign-in with MetaMask in my Godot Game engine project,
Let me demonstrate what I exactly mean by that, I need to generate a QR-Code for user if user decides to login with MetaMask, so user can scan it with MetaMask Mobile app and connect and sign a message in it, so I can get the wallet address inside my Godot Game Engine project.
As you all know there is no MetaMask SDK for Godot, So the only way rather than running a Server app using MetaMask JS SDK is using MetaMask Api Endpoints directly in Godot.
Is there any Api Endpoints for this purpose or not?

Hi @mason let me check I don’t think there is some existing but I need to verify

Please check this: Reddit - Dive into anything

Thanks for responding,
I have checked before, it uses deeplink in android, I need to verify the wallet in windows.

I’m not sure if there is could you please check with Godot community

This is more of a MetaMask thing

Hi I’m sorry MetaMask engineering team suggested referring to the reddit post I’ve originally shared.

One thing I could recommend is to check this About the MetaMask APIs | MetaMask developer documentation and GitHub - MetaMask/api-specs and maybe open a new issue in the same repo

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