Is this dangerous?

A week ago, when I minted on the scamsite without knowing, I approved it and minted a small amount of Ether. But because of this, can I steal the rest of my existing wallet? Do I have to move my wallet even though I’ve removed all the connecting sites? The assets of the wallet are still fine.

As far as I can imagine, you should do two things. of them revoke it
-Smart Contract Allowance Checker and revoke it

**be careful when visiting websites you do not know. of them read contact
-copy transection and check address contact and check code of them chenge wallet

you can increase immunity to scam by can go see my old posts about share experience scammer.
[Share experience scammed by a direct message]

Do not trust any one person in one message.
Please always check many information to double check.
will be safe in the crypto world

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Thank you so much for the good advice.

<Important question▼>
The connection site has been released.
But can a hacker steal my wallet later because of a trace of accessing the scamsite?

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