Is this email genuine, or a phishing attempt?

This email arrived in my junk folder last night:
*edit - this forum won’t let me post an image of the email, which is a bit shit because Metamask don’t seem to be providing a direct email to their support.
How is anyone supposed to determine if an email is genuinely from metamask when we can’t post a picture of it, or forward a copy of it?

" Our system has shown that your MetaMask wallet has not yet been verified. This verification can be done easily via the page below.

All unverified accounts will be suspended on tuesday,august 31, 2021. We’re sorry for any inconvenience we cause with this, but please keep in mind that our intention is to keep our customers safe and happy.

Thank you for your understanding.

If the button above doesn’t work, try the page below."

Is it a genuine email, or a phishing attempt? I’ve never been asked to “verify my wallet” before, and have been using metamask for 4 years.

Hi @rednax delete this email :slightly_smiling_face: you not need any account verification.

It’s just phishing email! :point_down:

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