Email verification

Is this a legitimate email, please advice.

Email subject line=
Your MetaMask wallet will be restricted and your assets will be frozen.

Received from =

Email contents= Metamask requires all users to verify their wallets in order to comply with KYC regulations this must be done before [10/04/2022] as a regulated financial services company, we are required to verify all wallets on our platform. We require all customers to verify their wallets to continue using our service.

What if I don’t complete the wallet verification?
If you don’t verify your wallet, your wallet will be restricted.

[ Verify your wallet ](link redacted)

If the button above doesn’t work, try the page below.

(Link redacted)

For further assistance with this issue, please contact our support team (link redacted).


That’s a scam. Though I am impressed they actually bothered to spoof our email address. (You can lie about where an email comes from) Usually they’ll just use a badly spelled Gmail.

If you hover over the link (DONT CLICK IT) this will pop up in the lower left corner of the browser window. you can see it doesn’t point towards anything even remotely related to us.
Screenshot (105)

I use this technique to check links before visiting them, every single time.


nos van a obligar al famoso KYC queramos o NO queramos… las criptomonedas su base numero 1 , su razón de ser es el Anonimato. Los gobiernos y los bancos no Quieren soltar el control de quien se hacer Rico.

MetaMask no pide KYC, cualquier interacciĂłn con respecto a MetaMask pidiendo KYC es una estafa.


Si è una truffa! A me hanno rubato fondi forse usando la wifi dell’hotel poco sicura. portafoglio hackerato e nessun modo per chiuderlo o riprenderne il possesso.
Assurdo come sia impossibile cambiare la frase in qualche modo, una volta violato non c’è nessun modo per rimediare. trovo tutto questo assurdo e dalla parte dei ladri.

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