email recebibo para clicar no link para fazer kyc

:rI received this message in my email this comes from you and this message

Know Your Customer (KYC) Regulation

Metamask requires all users to verify their wallets to comply with KYC regulations, this must be done before 03/20/2022 As a regulated financial services company, we are required to verify all wallets on our platform. We require all customers to verify their wallets to continue using our service.

What if I don’t complete the wallet verification?
If you don’t verify your wallet, your wallet will be restricted.

That is a scam. We don’t ask for an email during the wallet set up.

We ask for an email to register for this community forum, but we won’t contact you there. You may get notifications from the forum, depending on your settings.

Metamask Employees (or anyone from our parent company Consensys) will never contact you for private information. In general, we won’t contact you, unless you reach out for support first.

What’s the email address it came from? (im guessing We can reach out to the email provider and try to get it shut down.

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