Has KYC verification been requested by email?

For the Dev team - I received an email on 10th January apparently from Metamask saying “Metamask requires all users to verify their wallets in order … etc etc by 11/1/2022 … otherwise my wallet will be ‘restricted’” and asking me to click on one of several links. Obviously no-one should be clicking on links in unsolicited emails (although I do have a metamask …) - can you, or someone from Metamask, confirm whether this is a genuine email sent out from the Company, or it is merely a fishing email? I don’t know if I am alone in receiving this, but I could not find it mentioned in the community - hence a post to the Dev team to ask for confirmation Many thanks


Hey @Tilanthi, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

MetaMask does NOT ask for KYC and will not contact you through unsolicited emails.

This email is a scam.


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