Owners of Metamask should be KYC

In order to minimize scam and thief, ones before using Metamask, each accound adsress should be registered and have to get KYC/eKYC including face matching or similar. Metamask should develop this option. Thanks.

This is unrealistic :smiley: sorry man
but MetaMask :fox_face: wallet is decentralized crypto wallet

Decentralized = No KYC :slightly_smiling_face: and so it’s good

You have POWER in your hands :slightly_smiling_face: but you have to be very careful…



Thank you, Luigi. This` why people can have many wallets and some will be doing illigally. Anyway, some robber addresses should be locked after being reported.

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MetaMask will never ask you to KYC. Please see the following link for more information. If you receive a notification asking for this, it is a scam.


No KYC on MetaMask, NEVER!


Who’s the boomer suggesting this

I like this way! Couldn’t agree more!

I like this way! Couldn’t agree more!