Last ios app v2.5.0 (750) has errors in token transfer

I am developing a DApp that are transferring a ERC-20 token
My Web Dapp has its own transfer form and web3js functions.
I am using Metamask explorer to work with from my web Dapp

All work perfectly with Chrome Metamask plugin, but mobile ios app has errors when I am transfer tokens with web3js.
Several errors:

  • sometimes launched an alert: Nonce to low…
  • sometimes the transfer was sent but status:false
  • sometimes the “confirm” button appear disabled

//Note: I advice that the errors occurs calling other solidity contract by web3js. All works from Metamask Chrome in my Laptop.

The mobile app is a disaster in this aspect…
Please, could you fix it?

Please, metamask team, upgrade the Chrome Mobile V77 explorer navigator to version to v88