Layered security feature

I just got hacked. However, I’m not writing this for pity or to request my funds back.
So last night, apparently someone got access into my metamask and sent almost remaining balances into his/her wallet.

This would’ve prevented if Metamask could provide some kind of layered security when another logged device is in or when a transaction was about to be made at every device or extension logged with the same wallet. The thing is, it happened when my metamask extension was on and since theres no notification or anything at all, no warning was issued and no log was made in the extension, UNTIL I CHECKED MY METAMASK APP FROM PHONE IN THE MORNING.

Most of the time of online crypto wallet got stolen is because users have no idea how many connections are currently accessing the wallet at the moment, and they wont sync the data with each other unless we manually sync or watch the phone app for the complete log after it’s done doing the transaction, meaning the funds are long gone

For better DeFi ecosystem for world to move from centralized, some level of security needs to be tightened.

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is metamask safe now? I hear a lot of guys getting hacked.

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Yes, I was taken out myself

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yeah, I suggest that when making metamask account there must be an email address to register…and if you will recover your account via seed phrase you must verify it on your email betore proceeding