Linked a second account Metamask to Ledger Nano X but unable to send tokens

Hey All,
I setup a second account in my Metamask wallet which I linked to my Ledger Nano X. I then transfered some Ethereum but also transfered some LPOOL tokens as well to this account. I tried to stake the LPOOL however it just kept giving me an error about being unable to sign with Ledger.
I then decided to try and send the tokens from the Ledger account 2 back to account 1 however I am now getting the following error:

“Transaction 0 failed. TransportError: Failed to sign with Ledger device: U2F DEVICE-INELIGIBLE”

Ledger is looking for the token information for me to be able to sign the transaction but because LPOOL is not listed on Ledgers list of supported tokens Im assuming thats why its coming up with the error. I am wondering what the work around is for this problem?
Thanks in advance for any advice.

Im replying to my own post because I finally discovered the cause of the problem. For some unknown reason the “Allow contract data in transactions” in the Ledger Nano X settings for Ethereum ERC20 tokens was set to “Not Allowed”.
What is very strange is the fact that 5 minutes prior to this error I transferred 1 Eth from the Ledger Account to another location which means this setting must have been set to allowed. So now Im a little worried that there may be something buggy with my Ledger Nano X for it to just suddenly adjust this setting.
So I suppose if you have a Ledger device and you get a similar error as mine above just double check the Ledger USB settings → Ethereum → Contract Data to make sure it is set to the above.