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how can i log out of metamask in browser and login to another metamask wallet ?

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can’t connect to pancakeswap using opera browser

For the problem of account switching of metamask, you can directly click the wallet picture of metamask and click the circle sign in the upper right corner to switch the address. In addition, you said that you can’t connect to pancakeswap. Can you describe it in detail and what does it prompt? :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry for not answering for a long time, it was not possible (

  1. A question about entering the metamask. I have an account in the Opera browser. but I forgot the phrase from him (I remember the password). How can I log into my account using a different browser? are there any options?
  2. Question due to the fact that the metamask account in the Opera browser, I can not connect to pancakeswap. gives this link ta mask. io/download
    what is the problem?

Hi! Are you on mobile or desktop? Thanks!

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hello i’m on desktop

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