Lost 12 phrase recovery

I have lost my 12 phrase code, and keep sayin by password is wrong…
how can I get my account back!
I have tried to follow some of the “guides” but they don’t give any helpful solutions

Hi there and welcome to Metamask community :slight_smile:

Maybe you could take a look at this

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Hey, thx
I tried that, but I made my account on my old phone so I can’t do it like the guide says…
but can I send some kind of ID or something to confirm?
Or something… I’m really lost here… and I don’t want to loose my new NFT…

There is no ID you can use to confirm that you own the wallet. The only thing that can prove you own the wallet is the 12 words from your seed phrase. I don’t know enough about phones and Metamask, but I’ll see if I can find something that might help. But I think you are pretty lost without your seed phrase

Have you installed MetaMask on any other devices?

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