Lost all my Binance Swapping to bZx Protocol BZRX for some reason

Can anyone explain what happened here?

The BNB ($450.00) I used to buy BZRX (00.42) came out to giving me only 314 BZRX total. I bought using 5 BNB which was about $3,000 and received only 314 BZRX which is about $650.

I did the swap on Metamask.

For the first few minutes that I had the swap ready to go back into BNB, it said that 1 BNB was equal to only 72 BZRX.

I swapped the 314 BZRX back into BNB because the swap said 1 BZRX = .00049 BNB, thinking I would get my money back but now I only have .155 BNB in my account. Please help

I’m wondering if this was a problem with BZRX and because apparently they have been hacked multiple times or if this happened from Metamask’s end or if this was some weird gas fee issue that ate up all my BNB because the transaction details say that I used 186,751 (71.6%) for gas.

I have links for screenshots and transaction ID but it won’t let me post links here.