Lost all tokens after recovery

Hello everyone!
Yesterday i have swaped BNB to approx 230000 LBlock tokens on Pancakeswap using Metamask wallet but after swaping the LBlock tokens didnt showed up in my wallet. The deal was confirmed. I saw the report. I have added LBlock token to MM wallet but it was showing that i have only 0,00023 Lblock tokens there and approx 0,009 BNB was left as well. I searched for information in google how to transfer tokens to MM wallet and found the advice to restore metamask wallet. I reinstalled MM using my recovery phrase but it shows empty wallet. No tokens. No BNB, no LBlock - nothing. It seems to me that the address of Metamask now is different that it was when i swaped tokens. How to fix this? Can someone advice?

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Has anyone faced the same problem? Is there any advice to fix that?

There are a few ways this could have occurred. Here’s a list of things that can help:

Can you see your funds in bsscan ?
Please send transaction tx to have a closer look

Did you ever create another user inside your metamask `?

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