How to recover lost token from pancake swap to metamask

I swap my ZOON token to WSWAP token using pancakeswap with my metamask wallet the transaction was success but i did not receive any WSWAP token in my metamask wallet. Can you help me recover it please. thank you


can i still recover my token and how? please help me thank you

thank you i’ll try to reach them.

@winscart don’t write on WhatsApp :upside_down_face: he is a scammer

yes i did not write on what he suggest i wrote on metamask support. anyway thanks

July 31 i did not make any transaction i lost bnb

Now aug 7 some of my coins are lost also
Pls metamask help us

I swear to god i never give to anyone my seed phrase and this is the second time
Same address

This is the same address who took my token 1st july 31 he took all my bnb
Second time augoust 7 most of my coins he took it

0x5795b0F8df0076B19632E350D8A8708F1Dd3ce9bThis is the address


Pls check if this is right

Please i m a victim of stealing, someone stole my currencies on metamask.
How can i recover my money. The amount is bid

This is my adress

same problem, just bought safemoon on pancakeswap, after success, but tokens don’t appear in metamask assets

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