BNB lost need help

I did a transaction swap on pancakeswap for safemoon. My transaction went through but it was still pending for swap exact e t h for tokens and i reseted my account did I lose my BNB or money for doing this cause it was taking forever to go through.

Hello, @ecjr :tada: Welcome to the Metamask Community.
Are you able to view the transaction on
Resetting the account is not recommended with support agents’ instructions, however, resetting your Metamask wouldn’t cause you to lose out on your BNB.
For security purposes, if you would like the support team to take a further look at this, please open a support ticket with the account public address and transaction hash.

I bought BNB into my Bsc wallet through metamask. I had to reinstall metamask app. On recovering my metamask account using the 12 phrase words, I realised that my BNB in my Bsc wallet is missing. I also realised that the address had changed. kindly assist


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please does support request for 12 phrase word to help recover your coin in your already recover metamask account?

I reinstalled MetaMask but after that I can’t see any of my coins.
MetaMask support doesn’t want to solve my problem.
I puted my 12 Secret recovery phrase and password but when I saw there is nothing in my MetaMask wallet.
MetaMask you should solve our problems

My wallet of BNB also empty 2 weeks ago and no response or help from metamask.

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I’m going to drop this question in this group see if I get a quick response to a problem I’m in countering, Obviously I have my back up seed for my wallet and I had binance network installed in addition to Harmony with some BNB, well I deleted that account in my wallet, And I went to restore with my original seed and it’s only imported my harmony not my binance, Have I lost my BNB?

It was seem this is a known issue based on the messages above, has anyone been able to restore the asset?

Hi @Grtmoon Welcome to the MetaMask community.
The restore in does not retain information on any custom RPC networks you set up previously.
To see the balance again, simply add the BSC RPC network.

Kindly note, MetaMask is only a wallet provider, to help display and allow interaction with assets in your wallet.

July 4, 2021 around 2pm. From pancakeswap i try to swap my bnb coin/dpet, in just few seconds of waiting, in swap button appear a word of insufficient amount then my money is gone (missing), no history, no transaction happen. I check my metamask wallet and binance wallet nothing left. What happen? Why this happen? Somebody please help me to bring back my money. Help please metamask/pancakeswap.

Are you able to see any transaction on the block explorer such

Yes, I see the transaction at BscScan. My 0.1255198 BNB is transfer to another address account but how and why this happen? Please bring back may BNB to my account. And punish the thief if this is intensional.

Same thing happen on me. I reinstall my metamask on extension, recover my account but my BNB wallet is gone. I only have seed phrase and the public key which transaction is visible on bscscan I didnt have the private key, how can i recover my wallet?

Yeah same thing happen to me in pancake swap this metamask sucks full of bug and the support is useless

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Hi bro kindly help…i send request since yesterday my BNB had been conpleted in transaction but it is still not reflecting my my metamask account. I use the address of my metamask address and also have BNB token added in my account. I cannot attached a photo here.

I do not encounter this in my other wallet i only encounter issue in metamask

Same here all my token was became 0, i didnt tell to anybody my 12phrase words

I have same issue with this
Any recovery solution for this?

Hello support , I made a swap transaction through MetaMask from 216 mdx coin to bnb and I reviewed on bscscan it made the transaction to approximately 0,8 bnb the price of mdx at that time was 1.15 and bnb price app 298 , but unfortunately I received on 0.38 bnb half of my bnb are lost and the mdx coins are 0 plz can u help me plz thank u

I’m going trough the same problem, im really worry about it because don’t want to lose my bnb

same thing happen to me i lost all may ETH and BNB token on my metamask account even though i don’t share my seed phrase. i also don’t click some malicious sites to get my information but still my funds on my wallet gone missing. this is the transaction hash that im not aware and no consent 0xe58171f2383f9808e1d7def12393ef5d91e4a5670ee69a5e7ea76ad56cbc68d7