Lost BNB after Swap

I make a swap on pancake from CZF to BNB for 1.7BNB an in my metamask wallet receive 0 BNB.
Transaction details:
Is a possibility to recover my BNB?
Thank You.

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Hey @cbarbu16, sorry to hear this has happened :frowning:

It looks like your swap for BNB on PancakeSwap never made it to your address. Please make sure you are interacting with a legitimate token, and then contact PancakeSwap to see why your swap was never transferred to your address.


Hi Ma’am/Sir,

Pls. help me per my transaction hash 0x97a932a48e21fd17d83e3b8e330e26788b27b6f758c94308a80acae7bde0ea35.

I did not authorized this transfer but my 1.1115 BNB was credited to this contract address 0x39f4c5f95f3c286983262ce0e00692132a235a12.

My last transaction is trading in pancake swap. But the last transaction is not authorized. You may see in my activities list that the last is not reflecting.

I looked at the CA of fictitious account and noticed that the owner have not withdrawn my bnb. Kindly freeze it before the owner do so. I also learned that there are other 2 guys apart from me complaining about this address.

I am requesting to immediately reverse that transaction pls. as I need the funds badly. The amount is material to me as I am not earning that much.

Thanks in advance.

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Btw, here is my support request #504381.

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Hey @mlfadriquela, sorry to hear this has happened. Thank you for submitting a ticket to our support team, they will be with you as soon as they can.

For your privacy and security, please continue communication with us from there.

Thank you. I was able to chat with your agent and she said that your Technical Team will e-mail me for the updates but until now I have not received any email from them.

I am asking a favor with them to prioritize my case since I need the money today to pay my rent and bills. I am afraid also that the owner of the fictitious account may anytime withdraw my BNB and may cause delay of crediting back my money.

Pls. help me with this. I was sleepless yesterday trying to search in youtube on how to retrieve my money and getting a lot of stress of following up and waiting for the action to be done of your team. I also took a leave from my office today knowing that I will surely not focus on my job since I am thinking of this stuff of recovering my money.


Mike Fadriquela

So sorry to hear about this, the team will be with you as soon as they can.

Here is some information on your Knowledge Base that may help you, and also please keep in mind that transactions on the blockchain are irreversible.

Hi TL,

Pls. help me to reverse this. As of this time, the owner haven’t withdrawn yet my money.

Kindly do me a favor as I really need that money. The amount is big enough in our country. I hope you understand.


Mike Fadriquela

Transactions in the blockchain are nonreversible. Theres really nothing metamask could do to recover funds sent to the wrong address. The address owner is the only one that could send the BNB back to your wallet, but if theres already comments accusing the owner of being a scammer, It’s likely that the funds are lost forever. For the future, always double check the wallet address you are sending funds to.

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