Lost bnb swap ..... need help please

I sent 19109 ooe coins to my matemask wallet this friday, I swapped 9545 ooe coins. In return for the bnb token, I received only 2.1 bnb tokens. It should arrive. Around 4.8 bnb did not come or if the swap did not take place, 6500 ooe coins were not returned again. When I check the transaction, there are 9545 exits, but the entries in my wallet are not visible. At the time I swapped, the value of the ooe coin is 0.21 cents, the bnb token is worth 303 dollars. In the middle, the $1800 transaction is lost, and it is not clear where it went. I asked for matemask spot help, no response yet, they just gave me a ticket number, please help