Lost funds - wrong address ID

Dear All,

I meant to transfer USDC from Binance on Polygon network to my Metamask wallet, but accidentally I missed one character on the receiving address.

It went to this address: 0x489ea24900b1Ba09C5BaC17f34c17592bca6e3BE
Instead of mine: 0x489Ea24900b1bA09c5bAC17fE4c17592BCA6e3BE

The worng address seems to be a dead, not used wallet.
Is there any way to retrive my money?

Many thanks in advance!

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hi @Rbn ,

If I am following correctly, it looks like you typed incorrectly an “e” instead of a “3” within the address, is this correct?

I am so sorry but if these funds are sent to an incorrect address there is no way to recover unless you know the owner of the address and can request them to send back :frowning:



is this even a valid address? As it hasn’t had any transactions before.

Valid, yes in the sense that it exists.

Hi @Rbn and @KBeeTheCapybara
@Rbn The address you sent your funds to has the same beginning and end characters as your address. I have heard that there is a malware which changes the wallet address copied to clipboard similar to what happened to your case. Therefor, make sure that there is no malware installed in your computer and/or phone where you have your wallet.
always check the address you are sending your funds to.
Moreover, I have just checked and the address to which you have sent your funds is not a dead address either. Somebody must have access to this address.

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From what you have written: The first one is the wrong address? 0x489ea24900b1Ba09C5BaC17f34c17592bca6e3BE
If yes, somebody must have access to this address. It is an active address.

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Hi @Rbn to follow up with what @Maryam1 has noted, can you confirm you typed in the wrong address or did you copy/paste it in ? thanks!


Hi both,

thanks for your replies, it was me by accident even after copy pasting it :\
Is there any way to find out the owner of the wallet? I guess not :\

@Rbn Can you please reply to this post as well?

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That was my mistake, not a malware :slight_smile:


Thanks for the confirmation.

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I’m pretty sure it’s an unused address as there is not transaction in history, just 1 air dropp (of some scam coin) which appeared after my transaction. Is the wallet belongs to Metamask anyways?

If you mean this address: 0x489Ea24900b1bA09c5bAC17fE4c17592BCA6e3BE, yes, it is true. However, from your post, I thought this is your address and the other one is the wrong address. That is why I asked a question above.
Anyway, I am sorry for what happened.

@Rbn As for your question: MetaMask is a self-custodial wallet. Meaning that the user has the complete control of the keys and the assets. However, for the address created accidentally, it seems like nobody has access to the address.


@Rbn Please see this post. Here you mentioned that you sent to this address: 0x489ea24900b1Ba09C5BaC17f34c17592bca6e3BE. Whereas, seems like it is your address. Anyway, there was a misunderstanding.


Ah, you are right, I mixed up the addresses.

0x489ea24900b1Ba09C5BaC17f34c17592bca6e3BE this is mine, which is empty.


Hey, I can see that this was transferred into this wallet


Later, it looks like 0.182Eth was transferred to this wallet. Is this yours…? I hope so, in which case in means you had it resolve…

No, the amount is still hanging on the non-used wallet unfortunately.

[Address 0x489ea24900b1Ba09C5BaC17fe4c17592bca6e3BE | PolygonScan]

Thaht’s an other transaction that you refer to.

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