Lost my crypto?

It is probably very stupid but anyway I hope someone can help me. I made a wallet on Metamask. Because I wanted to put Ethereum in my wallet I bought some on Binance. From Binance I send the coins to my wallet. But the transaction is approved but my coins are not in my wallet. I probably made a mistake. But I can not find where.

Hi MarijnB you used BEP20 for withdraw?

Add BSC: Connecting MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain | Binance Academy

Similar problem:


I have the exact same issue, because I wanted to avoid the high transaction fees by using the Binance Smart Chain instead of the regular ETH Network. I followed the instructions from Binance Academy and even did a transaction through the test network, just to see if it works. It did, so I was confident on doing a regular transaction and now, after 20 minutes I cannot see any funds on my MetaMask Wallet.

Should I be nervous or can it just take some time?

EDIT: Did I have to convert the ETH to BNB first before doing the transaction?

Add token - select Custom Token and add Token Contract Address:

and nothing? :nerd_face:

Hi. I funds my sake tokens. Today i can’t sign up into my wallet, because metamask told me that i need to upgrade my app and sign up with seed phrase. I did that and not found my sake token in wallet. It’s so stranger, because my others tokens kept in metamask. SOS! PLEASE!)

Are you using the binance smart chain? I don’t why I’ve sent some MATIC yesterday but I’m not receiving it, maybe there is a problem with the network or I don’t know if it something wrong.

Hi @Ilich
please open a support ticket here with your wallet’s public key Submit a request – MetaMask
Also if you have any information on how you sign up with your seed phrase. If you still have funds in your wallet, please transfer them away to a new wallet with a new seed phrase just in case.
Be aware of scammers and not share your seed phrase.