Lost my NFT while sending it from metamask to trust wallet

Hello guys I need help. I’m new to crypto. I just bought an NFT . After I import it to metamask, I send it to my trust wallet but unfortunately I didn’t receive it there. Is there anyway I can retrieve it to my wallet??? Please help

Hey Dento,

Can you share your public wallet address for both MM (from) and to (Trust Wallet) here? We can look at Blockchain explorers for the transactions on them to better give you an idea of the scoop.


Also, since you’re new just to throw it out there nobody will ever ask you for your seed phrase or log in information, that goes for here or anywhere else. Also never click file links, even in emails, don’t send files to anyone. I’d also share I choose to never share my screen with anyone.

Since you’re new, best to learn up front there are so many scammers. They say they’re support but they’re not. Be vigilant!


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