Lost NPXS after swap

I completed the NPXS token swap, now my NPXS is zero and there is no new token.

I’m pretty new to crypto and just get lost in a sea of alphanumerical soup trying to figure out what happened.

I have reached out to the PUNDIX team but no response.

I did this about 30 hours ago, does it just take more time? Or did i just get screwed somehow?


Welcome to the MetaMask Community @Mpsmith!! :fox_face: :rocket:

What platform did you use to make your swap?

When you search for the txid on etherscan.io, what’s the status of the swap? If it has successfully completed, make sure you’ve added the custom token.

If you’ve already done so and your balance still shows as 0, please try the steps found here.

I’ve just successfully completed a nxps swap for the new pundix with MM via the official pundix website: Step-by-step guide for NPXS onchain swap to PUNDIX

However, in my MM wallet, it shows the NPXS token as zero, with no new pundix token:

My contract address is 0xa15c7ebe1f07caf6bff097d8a589fb8ac49ae5b3 and the successful swap from NPXS to pundix is confirmed on the blocktrain:

I have tried the fixes you suggested to mpsmith without success. The zero npxs token error is the same on the MM app too. Please help!

Hi there,

Just to confirm, you did the swap with a connected MetaMask account/address on the Pundix website?

If so and your token balance is not appearing correctly, please try the steps found here.

Please let us know if this does not resolve your issue.

I confirm that I used a connected MM address on the pundix website. I also mentioned in my first post that I have tried the fixes you suggested earlier to mpsmith, without successful, LOL. You gave that link to him, too. MM confirmed it was a success and the screenshot of explorer confirmed a successful swap. But I have no pundix, only a zero NPXS token as in the screenshot.

Thank you for confirming. You would be surprised how many people will post the same issue, but not try the solutions already suggested :wink:

I apologize that you’re still having trouble with your balance. For your privacy & security, please submit a support ticket and include your public address and a screenshot of your MetaMask wallet displaying this token balance. We’ll be glad to assist you further.

No worries. I’m at this minute submitting a support ticket. Great minds think alike! :grin: