Zero Matic balance after successful swap

I had to put this in the Developer discussion category as there is no option for a general or support submission and no other way to ask for help.

I now have a Zero Matic balance after a successful swap August 2021 Transaction ID 20210xf6145d2bd00d6615ba010b93fc090f5d79b8c7925c1ff0ef233a42b60ef8b72b .
There is no transaction to show my account has been hacked, its simply disappeared, though I still have other tokens remaining.
Please help.

It seems that the ID you provided can’t find anything. Can you check it again?

It goes to the transaction details when entered in the search in etherscan, thanks.

I see you exchanged 0.56 weth. Please add the contract address of the coin to see if it is in your wallet

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Obviously, the weth you use metamask swap is lying in your wallet. Just add the weth contract to see your coin

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Here’s the full steps to add tokens to your Metamask view.


My issue is yet to be resolved. Support keeps marking it as solved but the fact is that 1009 Matic has gone from my wallet and there have been no transactions to explain it.
I really need help here and Support is doing nothing.

Uploading: image.png…

Hello, you have received 0.5588 eth you exchanged on February 14, but you immediately transferred eth to this address after receiving eth: 0xc17a5f174277a983e3224b64b6d680b98b34e1e0

This address has received transfers from 7 addresses, and each time the funds are charged into the exchange. Do you have an impression of this address? Is this your address?


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