Token Swap (Matic)

For 700 matic I mistakenly swapped them to WBUSD and I should be getting around 112 WBUSD but i got only 9.5 and for those 9.5 WBUSD i’m able to get back 60 matic only :frowning_face: , please help me to get my matic back.

@Stephanae please help.

Hello @kanu99 , welcome to metamask community.

Standby while I review the transaction details you provided . I will get back to you shortly


Thanks Stephanae, It would be really great if you can help me to get back my matic

@kanu99 , from the transaction hash you provided , it shows the swap was executed successfully. And the records are on the polygonscan network transaction history ,

You need to be more patient , a community moderator will look it up and explain how this happened. Because the final value can be found but it’s not on your history .

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@Stephanae According to you how many WBUSD I should be getting? I got only 9.5 which are worth around 60 matic only but i swapped 700 matic.

Hey @kanu99, please report this issue to the technical support team at and click Start a conversation


I created a ticket but It has a long wait time, isn’t there any other way?

This is the best way to communicate with the support team. A team member will be with you as soon as they can, thank you for your patience! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help!

@nakedwinnie @Stephanae Haven’t got reply from developer team yet, I would be able to get my my matic back? what do you guys think?

Developer team said they can’t get my matic back :cry: , but on metamask UI it was showing price difference of 11 USD then I clicked on I understand. Who is responsible for this?

When trading, metamask will have a red warning. Generally, it is necessary to trade cautiously. Sometimes, due to insufficient depth, sticking to trading will bring greater losses.

@Tksly I traded cautiously but got different amount than shown.

Hey @kanu99, it looks like your ticket is still open. If you have any further questions, you can continue asking with the support member that is currently assisting you.

I just want my matic back, It was metamask’s mistake that showed me wrong amount before swapping.

I traded cautiously, the amount shown on metamask UI was different from what I received, please give me my matic back.

Hello, I’m sorry about your experience, but the transaction itself is a risky thing. For such a high sliding point transaction, metamask gave a prompt during the transaction. I hope to be cautious in future transactions. As a decentralized wallet, metamask only provides a mechanism for matching transactions. All trading platforms, including metamask, cannot 100% guarantee the security of transactions. For many high slip points, low liquidity, unknown tokens, etc., we need to be careful at all times.


Metamask UI showed me incorrect number of tokens thus metamask is responsible and metamask should be paying me back for my loss.