Issue (SwapRouter) METAMASMK wallet swap button on iOS

I did a swap between CAKE to MATIC with my metamask wallet (both BEP20 tokens) swap button on iOS and ended up loosing all my money. I had a max slippage of 3% so I don’t know why this happened. When I looked the transaction history I saw a couple of swaps WBNB first and then MATIC.

The swap was for 230 CAKE (around $3,600) but I received 0.26 MATIC (0.26 cents) and lost everything basically. I tracked all the swaps that happened in the hash and it seems like the wallet (0x0e09fabb73bd3ade0a17ecc321fd13a19e81ce82) for WBNB has all the remaining money, I think it belongs to the (SwapRouter) contract.

Anybody on how to solve this?

Transaction hash in bscscan is:

That’s what I though. In summary, the money is still in the Metamask SwapRouter contract somewhere with WBNB. I opened a ticket to Metamask support to see if they can restore the remaining amount to my wallet.